“I believe in a world with less chimichs and more natural products.

My wines simply follows this rule!”

Sauro Maule


The farm “Il Cavallino” started many years ago on the hills of the Colli Berici as a business in cattle breeding. My father Lino Maule, a man with great experience and a love for horses, wisely followed this activity.

A few years ago, with the purchase of old family terrains in Selva of Montebello Vicentino, the farm changed its course and started a renovation in the systems and techniques of cultivating vineyards. We started with the removal of older plants that used the “Pergola” system, which had the disadvantage of having had used chemical herbicides. We then replanted them with the current system of “Guyot” and were able to oxyginate into the deep soil, contributing to the microbiological activity and in-depth development of the root system of the plant.

We also mix grasses, consequently cut in the spring, into the soil to give the right amount of organic matter and nutrients without the addition of chemical fertilizers and other synthetic substances.

In the treatments of the vineyards, we only use copper and sulfur. At the same time I am experimenting new natural solutions with the goal of eliminating even these basic treatments, we do not use herbicides or pesticides.

In the winery, as in the vineyard, the basic choice is always the same. We add no synthetic substances. The only exception is for sulfur dioxide, added in small quantities only when necessary (with residues in the final wine that never exceed 35 mg/l).

Quando, in autunno, raccoglierete l’uva dalle vigne per il torchio, dite in cuor vostro:

“Anch’io sono una vigna, e i miei frutti saranno raccolti per il torchio, e come vino nuovo sarò tenuto in botti eterne”.




We’re proud to be member of Vinnatur Association.

“To produce wine in a natural manner means fully respecting the territory, the vines and nature’s cycle and, through experimentation, limiting the use of invasive and toxic chemical and technological agents both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar. It is the Association’s intent to preserve wine’s individuality from the standardization that chemistry, technology and industrialization have brought to the world of agriculture and particularly to wine related activities. It is the VinNatur Association’s goal to combine the forces of these vine dressers and make each of them stronger, more aware and more visible through the sharing of experiences, studies and research.”


Our wine is unfiltered. That means that you drink and smell all the good substances that naturally comes out from wine.

You don’t even limit to smell it, but you can also drink it and assimilate in your body.

This is another good reason for not using any chemical substance in wineyards or in cellar.



4 different soils, many grapes.

The vineyards that produce white wines, such as Garganega, Duella, Pinot grigio and Chardonnay, are in the Selva di Montebello area, near Gambellara, where the land is of volcanic origins with basalt rocks and clay but also features a small hilly area where the soil is calcareous (ideal for Garganega and Sauvignon).

The red wines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and from next year Tocai rosso, are the product of the calcareous soil of the Colli Berici hills in the municipalities of San Germano dei Berici and Grancona.

The vineyards that produce our white wines are near the Gambellara area, renowned for Garganega, where the soils is of basalt-volcanic origins; the vineyards are partly located at the foot of the hills and partly in the hills, which allows selecting the best grapes



We’re proud of the environment we live in, so we try our best to protect it, without the use of chemical products.

Our soil is our future, and the future for our sons.



I’m not alone…

I run the company with the essential help of my father Lino, my mother Virna, my wife Giorgia and especially of our little Priscilla.


We grow cows since 30 years and from 2011 we decide to move trough wines colture. Now we continue both ways.



Lino Maule


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