Energy moves the universe.
The land we live on and use for cultivation is an inexhaustible source of life energy. For us, it is centred around our vineyards; energy is found in the vitality of the soil and the billions of microorganisms that populate it. We believe first and foremost in the need to preserve the quality of the soil in which the vines are planted and grow.

More than 4 years ago, we embarked on a programme of analysis, verification and subsequent adaptation of our vineyard management based on the current conditions of the soils. A team of experts in collaboration with the VinNatur association of which we have always been members periodically comes to study and monitor the insects, the microorganisms and the nutrients present in our vineyards.



The grower’s task is to direct the energy of the vines throughout the year: from the pruning of the plants, to the harvest, through to the cellar, where experience has taught us to use best possible grapes and to respect the characteristics of each different variety in order to obtain the wines that are authentic and expressive.

We believe that the energy and dedication that the grower manifests whilst working in the vineyards gets transmitted to the wine, which is maintained even when bottled, in order to evolve over time. Ours are dynamic wines, in continuous evolution.


Only time can give good results. In nature, everything is slower and more gradual than in modern life. When you work the land and produce wine, you learn to appreciate the importance of waiting and of patience. It takes the time it takes: to produce expressive (and natural) wines, this approach is essential. It is fundamental to know how long to wait for the grapes to ripen correctly on the vines and also to understand when a wine is ready to be bottled. If the vintage was not good enough, we will wait for the next one to have the grapes of the standard we want to produce a quality wine. It is always worth the wait.



The element that, perhaps more than anything else, allows us to make sense of our work are emotions. When a great wine is opened, at the right time, the emotions it elicits are truly special. Those emotions in turn accentuate the memory of that particular occasion, and of the wine, and of the pleasure. It is important to us that our wines can create these kinds of emotional connections. It drives us to work better and better, in order to give you the opportunity to drink and discover our other vintages, always different, unique.


When it comes to wine, the fragrance and the aromas, the minerality and the structure are the most unique and difficult aspects for a winemaker to obtain. The best way to get to know a producer and understand their wines better is to meet him in the cellar for a tasting.

Each vintage is unique; the climate is constantly changing and the choices made in the vineyard and in the cellar affect, even positively, the vineyards, the grapes and, above all, the wines produced. To give you the opportunity to better understand these differences and taste the different vintages of our wines, we organize private tastings by reservation in our cellar in Val Liona (VI).



Year after year the process is repeated, always with the same order and the same philosophy but every year with different results. Over the last ten years, we have suffered heavy hailstorms that have halved the production but we have also had excellent vintages that have yielded beautiful, well-ripened grapes. Each year the wines mature differently, not necessarily better or worse.
Learning to understand this process is fundamental in order to understand the essence of "natural" wines, which are necessarily different from year to year. It is Nature who intervenes to shuffle the cards a little and remind us that despite everything, it is always she who decides.
In turn, it is our job to learn from our mistakes and appreciate diversity, with the aim of always improving quality, without ever abandoning natural choices and our profound respect for the land.


It is not possible for a modern “natural” or organic winemaker to operate without thinking of sustainability. All our choices are based on the sustainability of processes from grape production to harvesting and winemaking, processes which have as little as possible impact on the surrounding environment.

Come and visit us to learn more about the methods we use every day.



Wine doesn't sell itself. It is essential for us to connect with the world, to get our wines known and to allow restaurants and wine shops to be easily supplied by national distributors. Wine is often the fuel that feeds the connections between people, places and emotions. When a bottle of our wine gets opened somewhere in the world, it is as if the people tasting it were actually here drinking it with us; we believe that the character of the land, the ripe garganega, the tai rosso and the merlot, can convey all this information. Our wines are our primary representatives in the world.


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