The name Cà Lombarda derives from the name of the area where, in 2011, I produced my first bottles from vineyards that I rented in Val Liona. Nowadays, this red wine is made from grapes planted on the land around the new cellar, on the limestone soils of the Colli Berici, very suitable for the production of red wines.

The varieties are merlot and tai rosso, with the characteristics of robustness and colour of the former and the elegance and spicy aromas of the latter, in varying proportions depending on the vintage.

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Merlot is a grape variety which is now present throughout the world, but that doesn’t mean it is trivial or without merit. Our idea is to preserve the great fruit character it can emanate, without making it too tannic. The moment for harvest depends very much on the particular year, the area and the wine that will be made, but it is harvested sometime in September. Young 8-year-old vines.

Tai Rosso is a native grape variety in the Colli Berici but is now becoming increasingly uncommon to find in the area, despite its ability to authentically express the uniqueness of the limestone soil of the Colli Berici. It is an elegant grape that makes up for what it doesn’t have in colour with a fine, spicy character and delicate tannins. It is harvested between the middle and the end of September. Young 8-year-old vines.



Fermentation takes place in stainless steel with a short stay on the skins - never more than 5 days – in order to have a red wine with light, delicate tannins, with fruit and a freshness for an easy but sincere approach.

The wine stays in steel tanks for about 8 months before bottling.



If you want to taste the CA' LOMBARDA, you can book a private tasting in the wine cellar or order some bottles directly.

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